EMA Plastic Weld 57ml

EMA Plastic Weld 57ml
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EMA Plastic Weld


1x 57ml EMA Plastic Weld




Suitable for cementing all normal model making plastics i.e. the following and any combination of Acrylic (Plexiglas, Perspex etc), Styrene, Butyrate, ABS etc.

Known to experienced model makers as EMA Plasweld.

Plastic Weld dissolves a thin film on each surface to be joined then evaporates very quickly forming a welded joint - one as strong as the surrounding plastic.

Long shelf life, fast acting, with a water-like consistency. Can be applied with a brush or syringe. When applying, hold the pieces to be joined together, a capillary action will draw the solvent in and spread it the length and breadth of the joint, forming a continuous solid weld.


Dichloromethane (Methylene Chloride).

Avoid contact with the skin and eyes. Do not inhale, harmful. Irrigate well with water if contamination occurs.

Do not use on Styrofoam.

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