EMA Liquid Solvent Cement 500ml

EMA Liquid Solvent Cement 500ml
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EMA Liquid Solvent Cement


1x 500ml EMA Liquid Solvent Cement (Water Like Consistency)


Will cement any of the following plastics to each other, or in any combination: Styrene, Butyrate, ABS, Acrylic (Lucite, Plexiglas, Perspex).


Very fast acting.


Hints on usage

Hold, or clamp both surfaces together. Run loaded brush or applicator along length of joint (solvent will be drawn into the joint by capillary action). A second application can be made if neccessary.

When joining dissimilar plastics i.e. Styrene to Butyrate, the hardest material (in this case Butyrate) should have the joint surface softened, by giving a light coat of solvent, prior to holding the surfaces together. Then proceed as normal.


Dichloromethane (Methylene Chloride).

Avoid contact with the skin and eyes. Do not inhale, harmful. Irrigate well with water if contamination occurs.

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