Touch-N-Flow System

Touch-N-Flow System
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Touch-N-Flow System


1x 2 fl. oz. Plast-I-Weld Solvent Cement

1x Touch-N-Flow Applicator Needle

1x Applicator/Filler Squeeze Bottle


Touch-N-Flow is a lightweight, easy to handle applicator for liquid solvent cements. Save your brushes for painting; with Touch-N-Flow you can...

  • Join seams with a continuous application
  • Apply a micro-droplet with pin-point accuracy
  • Reach into tight corners without runs or smears

Touch-N-Flow holds plastic solvent cements ready for immediate use. Bottle remains closed and off the workbench.. eliminating evaporation and accidental spillage.


Contains Methylene Chloride. Use with adequate ventilation. For contact with skin or eyes, flush thoroughly with water. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Call physician.

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